Future Possibilities

Over the course of our many decades of work, the Alcohol Problems Council (and its predecessor organizations) has lent its weight to both legislative and instructive endeavors in the cause of promoting abstinence from beverage alcohol.

We’re grateful to see that other organizations around the country have taken up the baton in these areas. And so, going forward, we understand that our primary mission is to fill a new void: not so much a political or educational one, but rather a spiritual one.

We believe that the church in America needs to rediscover its prophetic voice on the subject of alcohol. It has become the drug that so much of American Christianity winks at and jokes about. Yet we know that it is no joke. It is addictive and destructive. It makes for bondage and wreckage in the lives of countless individuals and families, and therefore it runs contrary to the will and purpose of God.

We believe that the Scripture offers counsel and the gospel offers hope to an inebriated nation and a silent church. And so our endeavor is to join with pastors and churches around Wisconsin — and throughout the United States — to help combat the evils of alcohol in our society. We will offer resources specifically designed for use in churches, confident that that is where real and lasting reform will begin.

Just as the Church through the centuries has led the way in so many other areas of human need, so we want to help the Church lead the way in this crisis, too.