Skit for Youth Groups: “The Crash”

Skit for Youth Groups: “The Crash

This skit involves the topic of bad choices and drinking and driving.  The main character of the skit wrecked her car after drinking at a party, and caused a terrible car crash that killed one of her class mates.

To expose the real danger of alcohol and how it doesn’t allow our brains to have good judgment.

Ideal Audience:
High School

•1 Drunk Driver
•2 Friends Who Try To Comfort Her

Props Needed:
• 3 chairs
• 1 photo album
• 1 pair of car keys

Drunk Driver looks very depressed, head bowed in her hands, photo album in her lap … her two friends are near her trying to make her feel better.

You know you need to talk about this with someone.

Yes, you cannot bottle up your emotions inside. It’s not healthy.

DrunkDriver (crying voice):
Sarah is gone forever — and I DID THAT.

Sarah is gone, but you’re still here. Talk to us. You can’t keep shutting down. Say whatever you need to say. Get it out. Just explain it all over again. Tell us what happened like it’s your first time telling the story.

DrunkDriver (sad voice mixed with occasional tears):
Today is her funeral, so it has been 2 weeks. It still feels like yesterday. I don’t remember everything. I do remember drinking a LOT that night. I got a headache so I was ready to go home but everyone else wanted to stay. So I drove myself. I was on my way, and I remember I couldn’t tell if I was going fast or slow. I felt strange, a mix of dizzy and tired. Everything in front of me started half-way spinning. I looked down for a minute, and when I looked up I saw two crazy bright lights coming right at me. I felt like they were headlights, and I tried to steer around them but all of a sudden… I could feel the crash. It was like slow motion. The next thing I remember is the sound of the ambulance sirens. I don’t remember much. They told me that the driver of the other car was Sarah Smith. I had a few scrapes and bruises. But when I saw them unloading Sarah from the car, there was so much blood…I was just staring at her face as they loaded her stretcher into the ambulance. She never once moved her mouth or opened her eyes. Later that night I found out she didn’t make it, and I screamed. In and out of dozing off the alcohol, I cried all night. I couldn’t believe that I had actually killed someone, and especially someone that I knew. I started thinking about how I had never paid very much attention to Sarah. And …

Voice trails off.
Friend 2 speaks up:
Drinker2 stops dancing, looks confused, goes back to her seat and picks up her beer. Drinker1 is laughing at her. He then smugly, puts down his beer, and
struts over to Non-Drinker. He begins to pose like a body-builder, while acting macho.

Alcohol doesn’t make you macho.

Drinker1 looks surprised, shrugs it off, and goes back to his seat. Drinker2 is laughing at him and pantomimes that she will try again. She goes over to
Non-Drinker and poses with her hand on her hip while she fluffs her hair.

Alcohol doesn’t make you beautiful.

Drinker2 drops her arms and looks at Non-Drinker angrily. She goes back to her seat.
Drinker1 is laughing so hard that he almost falls out of this chair. Drinker2 grabs her beer, takes a swig, and looks away.

Drinker 1 taps FD’s shoulder. Hands her his beer, points at himself, winks at Drinker2 and swaggers over to Non-Drinker. He suddenly kneels beside Non-Drinker, takes her hand as if he is going to kiss it. She snatches her hand away.

Alcohol doesn’t make you romantic.

Drinker1 looks rejected and returns to his seat. Drinker2 is laughing at him and hands him his beer. They both gulp some down. Non-Drinker looks over at them and shakes her head. She puts down her magazine and walks over to them.

Face it guys, all alcohol really does…is make you drunk and foolish!

As she leans towards them, they both lean back away from her, get off balance and fall backwards off their chairs, and just lay sprawled on the floor. Everyone freezes.