Grants and Scholarships

Grants & Scholarships

Over the years, APCW has had very strong financial supporters of the work. This has put us in a position to function as a granting agency to organizations in local communities with programs to reduce the level of drinking in Wisconsin. It has also enabled us to offer scholarships for AODA education.

We encourage faith communities to apply for grants to support public speakers who will promote abstinence. We also encourage faith communities to encourage people to find creative ways to share their stories supporting abstinence. Individuals reading our Web site may seek out a faith community to support them in this good work.

The following grants and scholarships are available through the Alcohol Problems Council of Wisconsin.

William V. Stevens Alcohol Problems Awareness Scholarship

Scholarships are for training to enable persons to help reduce the use and abuse of alcohol.

AODA training is appropriate.

Applicants must be persons of faith from Wisconsin.
There is no age limit.

Applications are due January 30, April 30 and September 30 of each year.

If a scholarship is granted, at the end of the first year of study the recipient will be required to submit a report detailing accomplished goals and earned grades.

Click here to view/print a Scholarship application.

Ray Bayley Alcohol Abstinence Programs Grant

Grants are for churches and other organizations to sponsor the development of programs which
deals with alcohol abuse and or dependence, or reducing accessibility and advertising to minors, especially efforts in local communities to raise awareness and promote healthy, faithful living.

If a grant is issued, at the end of the program the recipient will be required to submit a report detailing the execution of the program and any accomplished goals.
Click here to view/print a Grant application.