Other Helpful Web Sites

Other Helfpul Web Sites in the Case for Abstinence from Alcohol

The following Web site links are organized by topic and may contain helpful material. We do not necessarily endorse all the material found on these sites. Not all sites approach the issue of alcohol abstinence from a faith-based perspective. If you would like to recommend a web site which you’ve found helpful, click here to email a link.

Also available:  Recursos en Español (Web Site Resources in Spanish)

Organizations that Promote Alcohol Abstinence

The following organizations promote either moderation in alcohol consumption or alcohol abstinence altogether.

The California Council on Alcohol Problems

A state chapter of ACAP.

Illinois Church Action on Alcohol and Addiction Problems

A state chapter of ACAP.

Michigan Council on Alcohol Problems

A state chapter of ACAP.

American Council on Alcohol Problems

Website / blog for national ACAP.

What the Major Recovery Groups say about Abstinence

Read opinions of abstinence from major recovery groups.

Articles about the Health Benefits of Alcohol Abstinence

The following articles describe the studies and findings of research into the health benefits of abstaining from alcohol.

“New brain cells develop during alcohol abstinence, UNC Study shows”

(Study from the University of North Carolina)

“Alcohol Abstinence Cuts Cancer Risk”

(Brief summary of findings from a study by Canada’s Centre for Addiction and Mental Health)

Wisconsin-Specific Issues: Articles and Info about Alcohol and Its Effect on Our State

“Wasted in Wisconsin”: a Milwaukee Journal Sentinel Special Report

A series of five articles that investigate the drastic impact which alcohol abuse is having on our state. Issues discussed include the culture of drinking in Wisconsin, drunk driving and fatalities on Wisconsin roads, and the politics of alcohol regulation.

“AWARE”: All Wisconsin Alcohol Risk Education, UW Health

AWARE (All-Wisconsin Alcohol Risk Education) is a UW Health-convened coalition to improve the health and safety of Wisconsin residents in the fight against alcohol abuse.

“WAAODA”: Wisconsin Association on Alcohol and Other Drug Abuse

WAAODA’s mission is to assure that the people of Wisconsin know and believe that alcohol and drug addiction prevention, treatment and recovery work.

“Wisconsin is State Most Affected by Alcohol, Analysis shows”

Summary article from DrugFree.org describing how in a state-by-state comparison, the Badger State is the most deeply affected by alcohol use in the U.S.

Youth & Alcohol Issues: Underage Drinking / Marketing of Alcohol to Youth

Understanding Alcohol Abuse: What It Is and How You Can Help

This article includes resources for teens and discusses what alcohol abuse is, signs, effects, getting help and how to help a loved one.

Surgeon General’s Call to Action to Prevent and Reduce Underage Drinking

A full, in-depth report from the Surgeon General’s Office on the status of underage drinking and a call to prevent and reduce minors’ interaction with alcohol.

Informational Reports/Statistics on Underage Drinking

A compilation of reports from various organizations describing the status of underage drinking and alcohol advertising to minors in America. (compiled by the FACE Project)

The Center on Alcohol Marketing & Youth

This web site deals specifically with the advertising of alcohol to youth. Color brochures are available for printing, as well as samples of offending advertisements, recent news items and research reports.

The Marin Institute Website: Youth Section

This alcohol industry watchdog offers contests and advice for student leaders interested in promoting alcohol abstinence.

Fact Sheet: Alcohol Advertising And Youth

A summary of “Did You Know?”-style facts from The National Institute on Media & The Family.

Youth Leadership Institute: Training
YLI partners with adult allies in supporting youth to build just and equitable communities. YLI creates curricula and training programs that enable youth to foster social change efforts across the nation.

“Isn’t Moderate Drinking Healthy?”

The following articles attempt to scientifically question the idea that moderate drinking is a healthy activity.

International study questions health benefits of moderate drinking”

(Article by Janet Basu, University of California web site)

“World Health Organization (WHO) denounces health benefits of alcohol”

(Article by N. Craft, British Medical Journal web site)

“Alcohol’s Good for You? Some Scientists Doubt It”

(Article by Ronio Caryn Rabin, New York Times web site)

“Should Physicians Recommend Alcohol to Their Patients? – No”

(Article by Dr. Albert Lowenfels, ACSH Newsletter)

Denominational Statements: Their Official Position on Alcohol Abstinence

General Awareness and Help for Those Wanting to Recover from Alcoholism

Facility Locator for Wisconsin

Links to an online tool that displays alcohol/substance abuse treatment centers in Wisconsin. Sponsored by the Substance Abuse & Mental Health Services Administration, of the US Dept. of Health & Human Services.

Celebrate Recovery (Wisconsin chapters)

Links to a list of Wisconsin chapters of Celebrate Recovery , a faith-based addictions recovery program.

Reformers Unanimous (Find a Local Chapter)

Links to a zip code locator for local chapters of Reformers Unanimous , a faith-based addictions recovery program.

Overcomers Outreach (Wisconsin chapters available)

Links to a faith-based addictions program that ties 12-step groups with the church. Some Wisconsin chapters are available.

Addiction411: General Awareness Resources about Alcohol Abuse & Battling Addiction

Links to a resource of various tools and information that explain the nature of alcohol abuse, help determine the extent and consequences of alcohol abuse, and provide steps to recovery.

Resources in Spanish for Latinos Suffering from Alcohol Abuse

Vencedores (means ‘Winners’ in Spanish)

A faith-based, 12-step practicing program for Spanish-speaking people.

La Vina (Spanish version of the International Journal of Alcoholics Anonymous)

Read the Spanish version of The Vineyard, AA’s monthly online journal..