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Hello Friends!

Our Council is made up of individuals who have made the personal commitment to abstain from alcohol. If you watch the videos below you will hear some of their testimonies, as well as others. The more voices that rise up for this cause, the more impact we will have.

We at The Alcohol Problems Council of Wisconsin would like to hear your story.  Very few voices have the courage to stand up and explain in a logical way (and with passion!) their reasons for abstaining from alcohol.

We all choose abstinence for different reasons.  This means we each have our own sphere of influence, and you never know what your testimony will mean to someone else.  Some of us are in recovery from alcoholism and have found abstinence as the lifeline to a happy future.  Others among us have never tasted a drop of alcohol because our parents taught abstinence to us from early childhood. Other abstainers reached their decision to not drink alcohol from observing the intense struggles that alcohol abuse brought to the lives of friends and family.

So we need to hear from you! If you are an abstainer, please email us your story.  If you would like to upload a video to YouTube and have our Web site link to that video, please email us the appropriate link.

We hope something here speaks to you.  Please share your story and watch it make a difference in the hearts and minds of others.

You can view a series of video interviews below. Watch as people speak from the heart about their personal motivations and interests for alcohol abstinence.

Rev. David Kalas

Rev. Dennis Weis
Vice President

Rev. Jim Cotter

Rev. David BuskerTreasurer

Rev. Paul Yoder
Board Member

“The Josh Speaks”

“Cat Meffan”

“Alex Beckett”